Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baltimore Natural Health Expo/ IKEA

Traveled to Baltimore this weekend to the Natural Health Expo and found some great amazing new products and business with amazing products that are good for the body & soul.  I am just learning about all these things and am loving the experience, keeping an open mind sometimes is very hard especially when you have a stubbornness like me that I like to hold onto but I am enjoying this new journey in my life experiencing the good nourishing things this world has to offer, opposed to the things that weigh us down.  I for one need nothing more to weigh me down in my life and so starting with number one learning to take care of myself & my family is the most important.  I dont' know how, but I pray to have the energy to keep focused and determined to bring a little more organization to life.   It did help that we stopped at IKEA on the way home...:) 

All the fun little freebies we got to bring home and try!

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