Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gone too into football season

So I have been gone so long forgot how to blog, hee hee just kidding but seriously I feel like  I have been out of the loop I have so much to catch up on and feel very overwhelmed but I am starting with this football post.  My friend was baking cupcakes for her little boys football team today and I happened upon visiting her and had to volunteer to taste test, it was agonizing friends, but I did it and survived.  Hee hee!  They were yummy and I had to show how cute they were.  This is my friend with her creation, the final product close-ups and our little taste testers.  I hope you are all having a great summer into fall, I don't enjoy this cold weather but I am going to embrace the beauty of the fall and it's colors.  My daughter and I are coloring pumpkins today, yes that's right coloring hopefully if I get myself in gear pictures and more pictures to come.  Enjoy enjoy!  Until next time, lovies and huggies.  ♥


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