Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to October...thankful

I just took a picture of my daughter and I's pumpkin creations with $3.50 worth of pumpkins some old metallic paint,  a $1.00 indian corn and vase from an older birthday present,  the flowers in vase all $.35¢ from Michaels clearance sale last year 90% off and vintage wooden bowl from my mom and dad's wedding in 1974 and beautiful apples.  I look at this and relic in the domestic bliss God has me in today and I am ........THANKFUL!♥

I anticipated all fall colored pumpkins but when my daughter was picking paint she really wanted the blue metallic, my "own selfish desire" almost made me tell her no.  But then I stopped...and remembered she is an artist too, and so here we are with bright blue and I think the blue is just ♥PERFECT♥.

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