Saturday, December 10, 2011

PINTEREST....oh how I love you ♥

If you have never visited the website pinterest you must.  It has given me so many amazing ideas for home, fashion and now especially gifts; handmade gifts for christmas.  One of my besties and I share a common love, and that is the love of coffee.  I find many great artwork with coffee on so many sites but this one I came across on pinterest expressed all that is us and the way we love design and art of coffee mugs, on canvas.

I first painted the canvas, turquoise is her favorite color so that was the basis for my piece.  I then handmade a coffee mug template, very simple to do I used my exact knife to cut it out.  I hand picked my favorite colors of scrapbook paper, traced and cut them all out and basically adhered them to the frame with modge podge and sealer.  I used Lindys' stamp gang sprays and stains to add a little extra to each one of the coffee cups to give it a shine and shimmer, it's really hard to see in the picture but up close it's so pretty.

I just gave it to her for her birthday/christmas gift and was so glad that she liked it.  I can't keep gifts for very long because I just love to give so I wanted to share this with you in hopes you visit pinterest and find your next project, I'm already on my way I cant''s addicting......but then so is the coffee!  ♥

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Loretta St. John said...

I love it, Friendy! You're so talented!! It is hanging in my kitchen. :)