Thursday, January 5, 2012

American Girl dollhouse....make one cheap

So we recently fell into an opportunity to receive a large 5 1/2 foot metal shelf for my "couponing" stockpile but found that the shelf was not very sturdy.  I knew I wanted the shelf for something but not typically what it was intended for.  With a little maneuvering and the removing and replacing of the shelves my daughter and I came up with something for american girl dollhouse.

Now we have seen these things on pinterest and youtube before and there are people out there with the woodworking tools and the ability to make them from scratch with wood and they cost around $3000.  We have neither the tools or the money to be able to pull this off, however I believe what we accomplished will suffice to her and give her hours of fun make believe playing, and if I had to be honest gives her mom tons of fun ideas to come up with easy makeshift projects to create to turn this old metal shelf into a new house for little girls to enjoy.  This takes the old Barby dreamhouse into new territory seeing that each american girl doll is 18 inches high the ceiling in the house has to mimic that height just to get the doll to be able to stand in between, which makes for a very high shelf but I think what we have come up with will be a good substitute.  Here we are:

Here is what the entire shelf looks an up close version.

 Here is a close-up of each shelf and the handmade "Lanie camper and Kit scooter" my father made for my daughter, handmade stuff is so much more appreciated because I know the work and time that goes into making such fun accessories for dolls.  

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