Friday, January 13, 2012


After a week and a half of little girly being sick and this momma being tired and moody I'm hoping to get back out in the real world tomorrow.  5 straight days at home without any civilization or days full of fresh air isn't good for a Momma, especially one fighting off the sickies.

One more night, I'll manage.  I'm heading off to bed in about 5 minutes but I just read this blog tonight called  It's actually quite hilarious you should go check it out if you never have.  I liked the post about rules for parents of daughters.  I felt like punching someone in the face last week when my daughter comes home from school sick because someone else sent their kid to school disease infested...I know over-exaggeration but the truth is I wish I could just protect her every step of every day and when i cant' .........GRIZZLY MAMA comes out.  I wonder when will that ever stop, when will I feel like I can let the strings loose a little bit, and stop trying to protect her so much?  I think my mom was right when she said," Kelly you are 35 and I still think I have to protect you."  so the answer to my question....when will I stop worrying about my daughter 24/7 is..........NEVER. ♥

The conclusion to GRIZZLY MAMA is going to be:  How not to stress out all the time MAMA?

Stay tuned! 

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