Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just a post...or two...hey accidents happen.

I dont' have much time to post and havent' for a while busy with working, projects, ebay/etsy, daughters spring activities and so much more. 

My daughter recently (while momma wasn't home) tried to pry a burnt cookie off a cookie sheet with a sharp tomato serrated knife.  Intercept here:  Note 1. She is 10 and has never ever tried to use a knife before (that we know of).  Note 2.  Momma wasnt' home so I felt soooo awful her daddy was, but momma wasn't.    Note 3.  I burnt the cookies and take full responsibility for that.  MOVING ON.  The knife somehow slipped and went into her thumb in one side and partially out the other, I wince just talking about it but after 3 1/2 hrs in the Emergency room and 5 stitches she is a real trooper and I am so proud of her and what she has been doing throughout it all.  This was her first major injury other than a leg fracture when she was little again while I was at work, she was only 10 months old and just started walking, fell and twisted a fracture in her leg, ugh!

She has been my focus since so I have not had much time for here. 

I think we are very blessed though because it could have been so much worse, she only had minimal damage and I'm thankful her thumb was saved from actually losing it.  Praise God.  Find good in the little things for one day you will find they really were the BIG things! 

Everyone have a blessed day and until I meet you here again!  God Bless!  ♥

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