Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just a swinging....

The weather is getting nicer here in the Northeast and it's putting a little hop in my step.  I have been spending time with some very good friends, and getting out of the house and enjoying the earth around me.  I forget over the winter just how wonderful fresh grass feels on your piggy toes.  Sooo, I love crafting but I'll take a fresh smelling sunny day over any craft....any day.

Yesterday I was a little teary eyed being reminded of my spring days with my gram, she's in a home now due to alzheimers.  I just thought about the memories we made at her house every year sitting out on the swing in spring, watching the new buds come up she planted flowers everywhere and watching the birds come back from their winter vacations, my favorite were the hummingbirds, bluebirds and robins.  The bluebirds and robins would fight over whose territory it would be claimed, it happened the past few years and was quite entertaining, I will miss that but it's time to move on and make new memories with my daughter.  A dear friend of the family passed away this week and everyday something keeps reminding this week how fragile life is and how much I must take part and enjoy every moment,  so for this spring I dedicate it to my gram and our memories made and to come and to her memory, God bless ♥

There is something about a fresh warm sun that melts all my cares away.  So for now I'll be on my porch, hanging out, just a swinging!

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