Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love where I am...

I think it's interesting I've not enjoyed winter more and more every year and I think it's because the older I get the winters' remind me that a new season is coming forth and I bask in the sun (son).  Truly when I feel God's rays of sunshine on my face it lifts my spirits and in winter the sun doesn't always seem to shine so bright.  It reminds me of times in our lives when things dont' always seem so uppity or  when our lives don't shine so bright in our reflections.  I feel such joy lately with the coming of spring....and I realize that as much as I am going to think again of another seasons passing, I know that winter has to come for me to grab a hold of spring and enjoy it fully, I mean I am foregoing facebook daily and my blogs, and my youtube videos because I am outside so much more and I am loving it. 

Just like how I imagine going through winter, ugh....going through trials is the same.  You can never really see the end, (or another season) you know it's coming....you know it's there.  Every new beginning has an end, but until you walk through it, the trials....the season...you never know how much you will enjoy your spring ( your blessings).

So I feel my heart very blessed today, I miss my friends and need to do some calling and get some girl time together, my family is just my family....sometimes good; sometimes bad but they are my family.  My hubs and I are enjoying life, my little girl is enjoying her spring softball and piano.   I feel very inspired so I think maybe it's time to craft!

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