Sunday, May 27, 2012

Harrisburg arts festival

Oh my, exhausted from a long day with my little girlie; bestie friend, and her son at the arts festival in Harrisburg. Saw some of the most amazing art and had some yummy goodies, Salty & Sweet hand stirred kettlecorn ROCKS! Heard an awesome street band while sitting next to the river as the wind blew past us and we basked in the sun. Boats and jet skis were out everywhere on the river and at one point I looked down and the sun reflecting off the water looked like beautiful diamond crystals in wave pools of silver satin. It was HOT so sometimes it was nice just to sit and breathe it all in, art & the creativity all around us, makes me so giddy! ♥

What  an amazing Memorial weekend activity!


Teresa Kline said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time, I adore your creations below, cute photos too...hope your weekend is fabby!

enjoy *~*

~Kelly~ said...

Awe, thank you Teresa you are very sweet!