Sunday, May 6, 2012

My glorious Mother's Day...

I decided to go visit my grandparents today, I don't' visit as often as I should so I've been desiring to do more of those things.   On the way over I was talking to God saying how the day was so dreary and I just wanted to see his glory, I said it's hard to see it in the  midst of the black clouds, lack of sunshine and muddy dreary mountainside with little color.  I went and visited my gram & pap along with 2 separate sets of aunt and uncles who were also there, I had an amazing time with them and my cousins I don't normally get to see.  I then came home and was introduced to an amazing meal by my husband, who I am so grateful for his unfailing love even with all my faults he shows me God's love in so many ways.  I then decided not to fuss over the "perfectness of my house" so I called a few friends and invited them over for campfires with our kids, well it ended up being a dancing campfire.  Mommas and girlies shakin' from head to toe, some fancy footwork, a beautiful crackling fire and a gorgeous black/blue sparkling night.  Then after a nice hot shower with some amazing chocolate bath salts made by one of my besties, I'm ready for a peaceful slumber so......I forgot that next week is actually Mother's day because today seemed like such a blessing to me.  I asked God to show me his glory, I was looking in the wrong place.... it was all around me the whole time!  ♥

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