Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making strawberry jammie jammers

So after 35 years most people would think that they would know how to make strawberry jam.  Nope, not me.  I grew up with a very close knit family, of which now has recently fallen slowly apart.  My previous post might have explained but we are in the midst of a grandmother (and grandfather) from opposite sides of the family who are dealing with alzheimers.  My grandmother was a super duper cook and that was her love language.  The woman could sew, cook, bake, garden, crochet and hem things or fix things or get out stains like no other.  There was no other woman in the world like her and I miss her terribly but I am learning the best way to embrace her and her history is to become what she once was.  I'm learning how to garden.  I'm learning how to embrace sewing.  Finally after hating to cook, I can say I am learning how to enjoy the domestic bliss of the kitchen.  I still do not fully enjoy cooking or embrace it to the extreme, but I am learning as I walk through each step of doing what she did well, I feel like I am holding onto a little part of her.  AAAAAnd so that brings me to my new post, JAM!  Anytime we needed jam we went to mommom's house and she always had jam for us, her church bazaar would sell it and we would buy it and always have it on stock so when she isn't around to make sure we are well stocked what do you do.  Well, for a while I pissed and moaned and then a few women took pity on me and decided I was worth teaching the basics to, they put some time and effort into this spoiled little brat and taught her how to love herself through the history of her grandma and embracing the STRAWBERRY JAM girl inside.  After 6qts of strawberries and 18 full cup containers I can say the freezer is stocked with strawberry jammie jammers and my heart is full!♥  Love you mommom, I know she would be so proud!

I followed the Suregel package and this is how we made it:

Mashed 6qts of strawberries with a meat tenderizer, I know, I know I didnt' have a potato masher.
Mixed the strawberries with 12 cups of sugar, oh yes it's a sugary messy gooey sticky sweet mess.
Mix thoroughly till sugar feels almost dissolved.

Boiled 6 containers of sure gel with 4.5 cups of water on the stove for 1 minute. 

Mix strawberry mixture with suregel let dissolve rest of sugar entirely, stir constant for 3 minutes.

Pour into freezer safe containers and serve.  Make sure when you pour into containers you leave 1/2 inch at the top for it to expand. 

Done!  Refridgerate for 6 days Freeze for up to 1 year.  Super Simple!

So at 35 yrs old I am so proud to say I have made my first Strawberry Jam ever!

Come back soon as I hope to make Strawberry Tarts next!  If you would like the recipe for that leave me a message!  ~Kelly


Becky said...

I will be making blackberry jam soon as the blackberries are nearly ready for picking along the roadside. CONGRATS! on the expansion of your talents!

~Kelly~ said...

Mmm, blackberry sounds so yummy Becky. Thanks, I was pretty pleased if I do say so. lol!