Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to...affordable Hawaiian Luau Party with MBT.

Every summer my daughter has a party to reconnect with her school friends.  This year we are doing a hawaiian luau party.  I purchased most of the decorations at the dollar store and made the rest myself.   I also used crafting items given to me by MB's Treasurista, so thank you Misty the girls love the bling!

Mb's Treasurista store items

     Leafy trim in a variety of colors
   Mesh bling also in a variety of colors
 Acrylic daisy flowers and acrylic flowers w/stems


Water balloons we already had these on hand fill with water for hours of fun!

Colorful goldfish add that extra punch of color a hawaiian party needs and if you put them in a clear bowl they add interest.

Blow up palm tree $1.00

    Set of 6 hawaiian lei's for each girl to wear $1.00
Plates, cups and napkins $1.00 each $3.00 for all

   Honeycomb pineapple straws came from Pier 1 last season summer sale $.74¢
   American girl mini cup and plate with tiny umbrella free with American Girl purchase
Cool game for kids.  You will need:  muffin pan, umbrellas, graham cracker crumbles and seashells (small size).  Bury the seashells in the muffin tins with graham cracker crumbles (they look like sand) then have each girl dig to try to find the most seashells, whomever finds the most WINS!

Luau party sign I made with my crafting tools!

Summer beachy cake pops.  To make these you will need:  storebought cake mix, pudding mix of the same flavor, eggs, water, melty candies, little umbrellas pics from dollar store $1.00, and graham cracker crumbles.  The base is made with styrofoam and aluminum foil with little confetti tropical accents.

First I used my cake pop pan and greased it up pretty well with butter.  The mixture calls for mixing the cake with water and 3 eggs, for pop mix add 1 extra egg and 1/2 as much water also mix into it the pudding, it will give it a thicker consitency great for keeping pops on sticks.  Bake at 350 for approx. 20-30 min.  Let cool for 10 min.  Take top off of cake pop pan, dip sticks in candy melts stick into upside down ball pop, freeze for 10 min.  Take out of freezer, dip entire pop into the candy melty mixture, we used blue for the color of the ocean, then dip in the graham cracker crumbles to look like the sandy beach.  Add umbrella for added garnish.  Serve!

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