Sunday, December 30, 2012


American girl christmas holiday gifts made by Molly's Pappy Barry.  An American girl parlor he copied from the AG book and also the boat with accessories.  My mom made the furry seat cover and the curtains.  My mom bought the cupcake stand as a Christmas ornament and made the cross stitch violin picture that was an ornament as well.  The others were doll accessories and the Campfire was from the Walmart AG doll collection I believe made to fit Madame Alexander dolls. 

The boat was actually partially a shelf purchased by me that my dad took and altered to create a boat well fitting to seat an American Girl with moveable sail and oars for rowing.  I had the bucket from a rak of items from and then I also added the handmade fishing pole crafted from a skewer and fishing lures, I should've taken a picture of the fish and accessories maybe I will add that again later.  I also made a handmade net out of burlap and the other half of the skewer and then I made a small lily pad from felt and cardboard and added the rubber frog.  

It was definitely one of her favorite gifts.


jelly andrews said...

Oh! That’s cool. Thanks for sharing this one. It is nice to know the “history” of that boat.

mae anderson said...

Wow! That is one great boat with a great history too. And it looks really awesome. I love it.

denise johnson said...

It seems that everyone had made an effort to make that boat. And I guess it paid off. It looks really great. Thanks for sharing this information.