Sunday, January 13, 2013

January...destash.....CHA...3 words that come to mind!

So I always enjoy the Christmas holiday and then New Year.  But there is one thing I enjoy so much more to start my year off and that is CHA?  What is CHA you might say well for us crafters or anyone who knows anything about art, it's the bi-annual Craft & Hobby Association expo in Anaheim California and it's on my bucket list......has been for a few years now.  You either have to be an owner or a demonstrator or a buyer to participate which is what I have been told.  That category does not reach my namesake yet but hopefully one day it will.  

Now having said all that I always seem to make myself a list of items that I want to fill my scraproom with every year and somehow at the end of the year only about 1/4 of that list was actually fulfilled.  It's probably because in my line of work I've decided to be a stay at home mom, one without a hefty income but the benefits I reap are far worth more than any CHA could provide me with.  That doesn't go without saying that I dont' get jelly or envious of the people's whose lists are always completely checked off at the end of the year and their craftrooms are filled with all the newest and latest gadgets, doodads, dingles and art mediums.  

So once again I have started my list but there is something I enjoy this year more than any other and that is pinterest.  Pinterest is like my online diary of all things I want, have or want to do in my crafting and that includes all the CHA list of items I always hope to fulfill.  I know this seems silly but somehow having them on my pinterest list gives me that I've already achieved and received feeling.  Like I've somehow already arrived and purchased everything, silly, goofy and crazy right?  Right!  But if it's in my pinterest isn't that almost like it's already in my closet?  I sure hope so!  Hee hee.   ~♥

The new doily punches from Martha stewart ..... YES PLEASE!

New resin molds by Mod Podge......YES PLEASE!!!

The new Sunrise collection inspired by Finnabair for Prima......DOUBLE YES YES PLEASE!!!

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Molly said...

Kelli...I was sitting here minding my own business, happy with all my pretty things, not wanting for anything...then BAM, take a peek at your blog and NOW I MUST FIND those Mod Podge Molds...MUST I tell you...where are they? when do they come out? where did you see this pic of them? See what you done done now....teeheeheee....thanks for sharing and really, where did that pic come from and are they out yet...can't sleep til I find out...
Hugs, Molly D