Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi everyone so I have my girls lined up for my swap.  There were 10 positions open and they filled up pretty fast that being said I put myself in 2 groups.  Also here is a view of some ideas:

This was the first one I ever did and I didn't know I had to keep it a certain size so it was a bit bigger than most.  I still liked it.


1.  Must be sent to me by March 17th, If I do not receive them by this date I will have to assume you cannot participate at which time I will look for an angel swapper. 
2.  There are 2 groups of 5 so each girl will have to make 5 atc cards; you will send me 4 and keep one of your own for yourself.  

          GROUP 1                                                        
Lnssweat - Loretta-----received
Blackheartprims - Kelly----received
NurseLarelle - Larelle-Suzanne-----received
Walkelmol - Kelly-------received
AIsabelJ - Isabel------received

             GROUP 2
Swtpeapati - Patti---received

Angel swapper- facebook----received
Scrapandthings1 - Mesha------received
Angel swapper - received

3.  Atc's are approx. 2.5 x 3.5 and the only requirement is they are all GREEN in color and please put your information on the back so we know who they belong to. 
4.  When you are finished pm me for my address.
5.  Include a  Self addressed stamped envelope/manila envelope whatever you use in the same amount that you paid to mail your package to me.  You may use first class or priority; however if you do not use delivery confirmation I am not responsible if they get lost in the mail. 


I look forward to hosting my first swap if you have any other questions please feel free to email me and have fun!  ~Kelly

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