Friday, February 8, 2013

Sue Paterno breaks her silence with Katie Couric on Monday

I only live about an hour away from here so all this has been very real and touching to my heart.  Without going into detail about everything that has transpired I want to send a prayer out to all those who have and were involved in the terrible criminal actions of one man & the coverups of many, but I also want people to know that this is very real.  I was pretty neutral when it came to how I felt about Joe Paterno, I wasn't a super fan but I wasn't in dislike of him either; but the events the family has had to manage and the ordeal behind what he did or did not know came to rest when he passed.  Nobody will ever know all the truth and this has affected not only the state college community but also for hundreds and thousands of miles surrounding it.  I would say 1/4 of all of my and our sister high school alumni go to Penn State; so it rocks our community spirit as well.   The sadness, hurt, pain, embarrassment and fear each victim must have felt & the horrible things they went through nobody should ever EVER have to experience thatI don't know how you rebuild after something like this but I am in prayer and hopeful that they can try one baby step at a time. 

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