Friday, July 5, 2013

Recipe...Cream chipped beef

My favorite morning breakfast while staying over at Grandma's growing up was her cream chipped beef.  It was always a toss up between that and pancakes,  creamed beef was made anytime though even suppers as well.  I miss grandma's home for so many reasons and yesterday on 4th of July I was feeling a little down because normally we would spend then holidays with her growing up.  Alzheimers is a terrible horrible disease; and I force myself to make her recipes and memories live on through me for my child so here it is.  Grandma's cream chipped beef; I do not know if this is exactly like hers but it comes darn close.

You will need:
Dried beef (as much as you prefer I believe I used 1/4 pound.
Milk 1 1/2 cups
Butter  3 Tbs
Flour    2 Tbs
Bread lightly toasted

To start:
Melt butter in pan till liquidized.  Add flour stir till brown.
While melting butter, heat milk on stovetop until flour mixture is brown, then add milk     
     to mixture and continue stirring.  Let rest for a few minutes not too long as it will stick
     to bottom of pan.
When mixture is stirred well and flour chunks are mixed in well, add beef and stir.  Let rest
     again for a few minutes then stir again till desired heat/cook of beef.
Remove from stove and add to toasted bread for yummy in the tummy meal!

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