Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Way to go Washi

Here is some new Washi I had ordered from Hong Kong on ebay.    The user name was Forevertouchme (which yes is a little bit awkward) but the washi was $1.54 for 10 rolls and there are 2-3 ft on each roll so I didn't' think that was too terrible.  It's fun and I especially like the far right blue beachy ocean wave pattern.    Here is how I store my washi below, in a fishing tackle box and by color I have a thing for rainbow colors and so it makes it easier to pick out when I go to get whatever kind/color/style I need.   I am on a shopping restriction right now as a goal to myself, but when I can shop again I will be looking for purple washi.  I have none :(

I hope you like this I have a video uploading today about my washi storage.  I love it!  Thanks for coming to visit me today I should have more projects up real soon.  Have a great day!  ~Kelly

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