Saturday, August 17, 2013

Save Midway Drive in theatre

HELP VOTE NOW:  Vote here to help keep Midway open! :)

As long as I can remember every summer I looked forward to the local drive in theatre opening.  When I reached sixteen I couldnt' wait to go to my first all nighter movies.  As I got older I enjoyed watching my child grow up and look forward to the movies that were going to be played at the Midway as much as I did as a child.  That theatre is now in jeopardy of losing it's business due to the conversion of digital media play.  Nothing in this day and age can last I suppose without switching over to digital, it's such a techy age which is amazing when you think of the advanced things technology has done for us, but bad when you realize some of the best old school entertainment activities could be lost without being forced to go right along with that.  

So I propose that if you have a heart for the "old school" and you want to help in any way you can, you don't even have to offer a monetary donation it's not necessary if you have two minutes of your time to click on my link below to check out the video and the site where we can vote to save our drive in!  Without which I'm not sure where our young and old will be able to congregate in the same venue, supporting our local community financially, and enjoy spending time basking in the night air, some amazing yummy goodies, and grabbing a few hours of great mindful entertainment.  Please consider voting and help support Midway Theatre, opened in the 1950's we are blessed to have seen it prosper this long let's keep that going for many generations to come! 

 ~Kelly ♥

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