Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Popcorn Treat Bag Dt project for The Rubber Buggy

Happy Thursday friends!  It's Kelly here and I thought today I would share with you a little treat that I created for my little Halloween guests who might be arriving soon on my doorstep.  This is the "Stache it for later" Popcorn treat bag.  I found the adorable saying on pinterest, love that site, and then I created the template for the popcorn look-a-like container  you see here.  

Materials used:
Prima Hello pastel paper
Prima Hello pastel flowers

How to create this popcorn packet holder.
1.  Take 2 pieces of 6x6 paper, use ruler measure bottom at approx. 4 inches to fit popcorn packet.  Adhere bottom of each paper together to form a bottom.  
2.  Adhere ribbon to hold card together in middle then create bow.
3.  Oval punch for the center, flower adhered with glue.
4.  Draw popcorn pieces and adhere on the inside; one side only.  Color if necessary.
5.  Create saying on font - computer.  "Stache some popcorn for later"  I drew the mustache onto the cardstock.  Just practice it's not hard to draw.  Mat to black cardstock.  Use circle punch to clip the corners to make it look like it's a ticket from the ticket booth at the movie theater, and adhere together.
6.  Slip microwaveable popcorn packet down inside from the top, if the bottom is adhered together correctly it will hold it in as well as the ribbon on side.  
7.  Give as gift for trick or treaters!

Here is the finished product:

Thank you for visiting ~Kelly

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