Friday, December 6, 2013

Really?....Chia Dynasty....what next?

So my hubby has attained victory in the struggle of getting my daughter hooked on his favorite show Duck Dynasty.  It's not that I don't appreciate the values they have to offer, I just never really got the whole fad of the thing but to each his own.  I haven't kissed my husbands face in days because he is "growing his own beard". Great go for it, but you wont' see me kissing that prickly, pointy, hairy, painful mass of threadlike strands growing from his all too once familiar face, lol!  

Now I was looking online at some merchandise for him for Christmas and being the kind loving wife that I am, I thought I would also jump into the world of commercialism and buy him some DD merchandise for his obsession.  I stumbled up on this.  Chia Duck Dynasty.  I would say something but I think it speaks for itself, and for that I have no words but WHAT NEXT? 

Please don't ask me where you can get one, I only saved the picture and have no idea.  I would recommend just googling Chia Duck Dynasty I'm sure you will find it eventually, and if not good luck with your journey.  All I was looking for was a t shirt.  

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