Thursday, February 24, 2011

Designer flower barrettes now sold in local hair salon!

I was approached by a co-worker about a month ago who's mom owns a local hair salon about selling my flowers in her shop as barrettes and headbands/hair accessories.  I took some designs in to her and a few samples and now I will be selling these items in her shop.  I am really excited about it, and hope it goes well so I'm working to put more product out getting ready and trying to put together some merchandise for the new display.  I'm very excited and hope it goes well and provides another means of crafting art and it's a plus too to help to add a little income to my family.  Thanks all for your support, and for subscribing to my blog.  Have a great day!!!!! ~Kelly~


Tami B. said...

Congratulations. I can see why she wanted them in her salon. They are beautiful.

kellyjp29 said...

Thanks Tami for your kind comment. They are so fun to make I'm addicted.