Saturday, December 24, 2011

♥Christmas slippers♥

"While we are called to work hard, we must make sure that our work doesn't so preoccupy us that we endanger our health, our relationships, or our time with God.

A woman died, leaving behind her husband and one daughter. The little girl soon became the very apple of her daddy's eye. He loved to spend time with her, but because he had to work, they had only their evenings together. After dinner each night they would talk and play games; sometimes she sang for him. He treasured every moment.

One night the little girl announced, "Daddy, I need to go to my room early tonight. I have something I have to do!"

He felt very disappointed, but he let her go. She continued this pattern for a solid month. Finally, Christmas Day arrived, and early in the morning she burst in on her daddy and proudly displayed a pair of crude crocheted slippers she had made for him. It was this project that had taken her away from her father for every evening that month.

Her father thanked her warmly and gave her a big hug, but then he said, "Honey, I would rather have had you with me all those lonely evenings than to have these slippers, as beautiful and comfortable as they are."

[As in the story of Martha and Mary], God wants our presence more than our slippers. He wants our devotion more than our work. It really is a matter of balance.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


4 great coupon and freebies sales tonight from facebook:

1.  I was 1 of 100 winners of the Swarovski crystal vaseline containers, a silly thing I know but fun!..and FREE!  

2.  $50 worth of Victorias Secret gift cards to use, won these on facebook also so I bought myself a brand new terry cloth robe!

3.  Ruelala facebook credit $10.00 bought my daughter a Little Missmatched sweater from there for FREE!  Cant' wait for her to see it, it's so cute & funky!

Check out these amazing website for great deals on stuff for FREE!  Most places if you sign up you get a free first sign up credit for great merchandise.

Here is a link:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lila Boggins, our little elf on a shelf, yesterday rested in a stocking, today she's back again trying to cause trouble zip lining from the air vent in the ceiling.....she's a slick one...*tee hee!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Her name is Lila Boggins....

My daughter finally named her Elf....drumroll.........Lila Boggins.

Welcome to our house Lila, or should I say "little menace".  She decided to spell her name out in pretzels today on the floor, silly little elf.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today's elf was found on top of the window and had completely unrolled all the toilet paper, ugh!  Crazy elf, tee hee♥

I'm working on christmas gifts as well and I've finished my explosion boxes for some special presents, and a few headbands for my daughter, one headband to sell on etsy at kellyjp29, and a purple bib necklace my daughter requested.  These small flower accents on the necklace were all handmade by myself and this was a fun project to do, I may make more to sell if I get some extra time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Elf on a Shelf.....she arrived today ♥

My daughter just discovered the tale old story of the elf on a shelf.  We were shopping today and I came across a girl elf, just what she asked for.  She doesn't believe in Santa anymore and truth be told I don't even think she truly believes in such things as elves.  The one thing I do know is that I still have a 9 yr old little girl who believes in the spirit of Christmas and the miracle of Jesus birth that it stands for.  So until she is older and the little things don't matter anymore, (hopefully that never happens) I will make all these moments as special as I can not because we believe in something unbelievable, but because sometimes it's just fun to believe in something...

She's got her hands in the advent calendar no that gift is NOT for you!!!  tee hee

Saturday, December 10, 2011

PINTEREST....oh how I love you ♥

If you have never visited the website pinterest you must.  It has given me so many amazing ideas for home, fashion and now especially gifts; handmade gifts for christmas.  One of my besties and I share a common love, and that is the love of coffee.  I find many great artwork with coffee on so many sites but this one I came across on pinterest expressed all that is us and the way we love design and art of coffee mugs, on canvas.

I first painted the canvas, turquoise is her favorite color so that was the basis for my piece.  I then handmade a coffee mug template, very simple to do I used my exact knife to cut it out.  I hand picked my favorite colors of scrapbook paper, traced and cut them all out and basically adhered them to the frame with modge podge and sealer.  I used Lindys' stamp gang sprays and stains to add a little extra to each one of the coffee cups to give it a shine and shimmer, it's really hard to see in the picture but up close it's so pretty.

I just gave it to her for her birthday/christmas gift and was so glad that she liked it.  I can't keep gifts for very long because I just love to give so I wanted to share this with you in hopes you visit pinterest and find your next project, I'm already on my way I cant''s addicting......but then so is the coffee!  ♥