Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paper & Such blog giveaway

Check out Paper & Such on facebook, see their amazing products and enter their giveaway.



I'm not even sure if I am allowed to blog about this but sometimes there is something on your  mind that you just have to get out, if I don't I think I will have my life's savings gone.  

Just a note:  I am a stay at home mom for the most part, I dabble in business, however I am a thrifty shopper but usually after CHA or during when I see all the floor videos there are a few products that stand out to me like I want those this coming year and I will work very hard at earning them, or else I will sell old stuff to get it, out with the old in with the new, that's how I roll.

Here is my new item I am coveting...the entire YUKI collection from Prima.  It's all I think about when I am crafting how much fun for a girl this paper and stamp set would be, I know do I need it?  NO!!!  Do I want it yes, does Prima know how to market to someone like me with a little girl....FOR SURE!

Here's YUKI:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Greeting Farm Anya purses stamp layout

Here is a layout I created with Greeting Farm stamp Anya Purses.  It's a shabby chic butterflies inspired princess layout for my little girl and I'm sure she will love it as soon as I get a picture of her in it. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun little chipboard album

This is a fun little chipboard album I created to sell.  I know to sell, ugh people dont' want to always see what you are selling but the truth is I don't have that many people I share my crafting gifts with, either they dont' appreciate the work and time that goes into it so they toss it aside or like one person said after I gave them an album, it's nice but what do I do with it?...Ugh so heart wrenching, or I make things to sell and feel like I can be a stay at home mom and an active financial participant in our well being.  So to those who think ugh another thing to sell, it's okay if you dont' want to look, but for those who just enjoy a look at some pretty things, here ya go!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you an Alchemist or a Leopard.....by Gretchen Rubin

I enjoy the happiness project blog by Gretchen Rubin so very much and I had to share her latest which is:

A passage written by critic John Ruskin:

The little pig was so comforting to me because he was wholly content to be a little pig; and Mr. Leslie Stephen is in a certain degree exemplary and comforting to me, because he is wholly content to be Mr. Leslie Stephen; while I am miserable because I am always wanting to be something else than I am.

Alchemists seek ways to change or re-direct our fundamental natures; we're dissatisfied with ourselves; we're often tempted to behave, and make choices, that don't comport with who we really are.

Leopards don't try to change their spots. They know who they are, and they don't worry about everything they aren't.

I realized that my whole life up until this point I was the alchemist; trying to change every aspect of myself to live up to a perfect standard that I am not even sure who set for me? Myself maybe? I remember thinking, I like that but I don't want to share that because it's not the "popular opinion" but who says. The world that I existed in was such a small chunk of the mass display of creation that God surrounded us with, and so I realize it wasn't I who was small, it was actually the bubble I existed in. Once I found I had the ability to pop that proverbial bubble, the whole world was waiting for me to be who I am. As I get older I find that being happy ie. finding the true center of peace in my life is that I am finally finding my spots. My spots may look different than others, but to deny my spots is to deny my heritage of being a leopard. To cover up being who I am is in fact.....anguishing. So thank you to you Gretchen Rubin for categorizing it as such. Knowing that there were actually two different ways to live makes one realize when you choose to be a leopard, you can embrace yours spots and truthfully when you don't' hide your spots and begin to show them off, you find there are more and more leopards out there just like you..living as alchemists♥

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here and there...

Between here and there is how I feel stretched these days.  I dont' know how people do it who are on the go all the time because my personality truly cannot go 24/7.  This gal needs some downtime in between to function at full capacity.  Regardless, I have at least been able to sit and create which fills my mind with possibilities and leaves all cares behind so here is my latest project shared via youtube.  

I just finally managed to get myself to Hobby Lobby along with my daugher Molly and my friend Jen.  Although the scrapbook stuff left a little to be desired it's my new favorite weakness for home decor, ah yes my one weakness!  

Friday, January 13, 2012


After a week and a half of little girly being sick and this momma being tired and moody I'm hoping to get back out in the real world tomorrow.  5 straight days at home without any civilization or days full of fresh air isn't good for a Momma, especially one fighting off the sickies.

One more night, I'll manage.  I'm heading off to bed in about 5 minutes but I just read this blog tonight called www.peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat.com.  It's actually quite hilarious you should go check it out if you never have.  I liked the post about rules for parents of daughters.  I felt like punching someone in the face last week when my daughter comes home from school sick because someone else sent their kid to school disease infested...I know over-exaggeration but the truth is I wish I could just protect her every step of every day and when i cant' .........GRIZZLY MAMA comes out.  I wonder when will that ever stop, when will I feel like I can let the strings loose a little bit, and stop trying to protect her so much?  I think my mom was right when she said," Kelly you are 35 and I still think I have to protect you."  so the answer to my question....when will I stop worrying about my daughter 24/7 is..........NEVER. ♥

The conclusion to GRIZZLY MAMA is going to be:  How not to stress out all the time MAMA?

Stay tuned! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Tea Box

This was a recipe box I decided to cover and use as a tea box to hold all my little packets of tea, kool-aid and coffee creamers or mixes.  This would be a great project to do for a child filled with kool-aid or a special relative or friend who loves tea.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

300 subscriber giveaway & Etsy SALE

Thanks to my youtube subscribers I have hit 300 subbies this week and will be doing a giveaway of all the items you see pictured here.  If you comment on this photo you will receive an extra entry to the winning giveaway and it will be open for one week.  

I will also have one of these kits available for purchase for $30 so pm me on youtube or comment below you are interested and do not want to wait for the giveaway you can purchase this as well.    I appreciate all my watchers and hope to enjoy more videos with all of you in the coming year!  Thanks so much ~Kelly   

Red bling for sale:


Green chandelier bling for sale:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

American Girl dollhouse....make one cheap

So we recently fell into an opportunity to receive a large 5 1/2 foot metal shelf for my "couponing" stockpile but found that the shelf was not very sturdy.  I knew I wanted the shelf for something but not typically what it was intended for.  With a little maneuvering and the removing and replacing of the shelves my daughter and I came up with something for her.........an american girl dollhouse.

Now we have seen these things on pinterest and youtube before and there are people out there with the woodworking tools and the ability to make them from scratch with wood and they cost around $3000.  We have neither the tools or the money to be able to pull this off, however I believe what we accomplished will suffice to her and give her hours of fun make believe playing, and if I had to be honest gives her mom tons of fun ideas to come up with easy makeshift projects to create to turn this old metal shelf into a new house for little girls to enjoy.  This takes the old Barby dreamhouse into new territory seeing that each american girl doll is 18 inches high the ceiling in the house has to mimic that height just to get the doll to be able to stand in between, which makes for a very high shelf but I think what we have come up with will be a good substitute.  Here we are:

Here is what the entire shelf looks like...now an up close version.

 Here is a close-up of each shelf and the handmade "Lanie camper and Kit scooter" my father made for my daughter, handmade stuff is so much more appreciated because I know the work and time that goes into making such fun accessories for dolls.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I feel blessed but I truly do not know what to share for the new year, I hope to do more videos, more tutorials, more coupon helpers, more of me and my blessings and just a lil bit of everything.  I wish all my friends and family blessings for the new year and more happiness and a lesson in tolerance.  We've been through so much the last few bits of this year I'm ready to start a new chapter, just to note my gram went into a home because of alzheimers, some private family issues, financial struggles, learning to refocus, recenter, and rely on God and his provision because sometimes at the end of the day, he is all we have and that is good.