Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here and there...

Between here and there is how I feel stretched these days.  I dont' know how people do it who are on the go all the time because my personality truly cannot go 24/7.  This gal needs some downtime in between to function at full capacity.  Regardless, I have at least been able to sit and create which fills my mind with possibilities and leaves all cares behind so here is my latest project shared via youtube.  

I just finally managed to get myself to Hobby Lobby along with my daugher Molly and my friend Jen.  Although the scrapbook stuff left a little to be desired it's my new favorite weakness for home decor, ah yes my one weakness!  

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a great trip! Hubby still hasn't hung my fabulous flower wall art or the rails for my punches but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Thanks for bringing me along with you and girlie! It was fun!