Saturday, December 24, 2011

♥Christmas slippers♥

"While we are called to work hard, we must make sure that our work doesn't so preoccupy us that we endanger our health, our relationships, or our time with God.

A woman died, leaving behind her husband and one daughter. The little girl soon became the very apple of her daddy's eye. He loved to spend time with her, but because he had to work, they had only their evenings together. After dinner each night they would talk and play games; sometimes she sang for him. He treasured every moment.

One night the little girl announced, "Daddy, I need to go to my room early tonight. I have something I have to do!"

He felt very disappointed, but he let her go. She continued this pattern for a solid month. Finally, Christmas Day arrived, and early in the morning she burst in on her daddy and proudly displayed a pair of crude crocheted slippers she had made for him. It was this project that had taken her away from her father for every evening that month.

Her father thanked her warmly and gave her a big hug, but then he said, "Honey, I would rather have had you with me all those lonely evenings than to have these slippers, as beautiful and comfortable as they are."

[As in the story of Martha and Mary], God wants our presence more than our slippers. He wants our devotion more than our work. It really is a matter of balance.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


4 great coupon and freebies sales tonight from facebook:

1.  I was 1 of 100 winners of the Swarovski crystal vaseline containers, a silly thing I know but fun!..and FREE!  

2.  $50 worth of Victorias Secret gift cards to use, won these on facebook also so I bought myself a brand new terry cloth robe!

3.  Ruelala facebook credit $10.00 bought my daughter a Little Missmatched sweater from there for FREE!  Cant' wait for her to see it, it's so cute & funky!

Check out these amazing website for great deals on stuff for FREE!  Most places if you sign up you get a free first sign up credit for great merchandise.

Here is a link:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lila Boggins, our little elf on a shelf, yesterday rested in a stocking, today she's back again trying to cause trouble zip lining from the air vent in the ceiling.....she's a slick one...*tee hee!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Her name is Lila Boggins....

My daughter finally named her Elf....drumroll.........Lila Boggins.

Welcome to our house Lila, or should I say "little menace".  She decided to spell her name out in pretzels today on the floor, silly little elf.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today's elf was found on top of the window and had completely unrolled all the toilet paper, ugh!  Crazy elf, tee hee♥

I'm working on christmas gifts as well and I've finished my explosion boxes for some special presents, and a few headbands for my daughter, one headband to sell on etsy at kellyjp29, and a purple bib necklace my daughter requested.  These small flower accents on the necklace were all handmade by myself and this was a fun project to do, I may make more to sell if I get some extra time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Elf on a Shelf.....she arrived today ♥

My daughter just discovered the tale old story of the elf on a shelf.  We were shopping today and I came across a girl elf, just what she asked for.  She doesn't believe in Santa anymore and truth be told I don't even think she truly believes in such things as elves.  The one thing I do know is that I still have a 9 yr old little girl who believes in the spirit of Christmas and the miracle of Jesus birth that it stands for.  So until she is older and the little things don't matter anymore, (hopefully that never happens) I will make all these moments as special as I can not because we believe in something unbelievable, but because sometimes it's just fun to believe in something...

She's got her hands in the advent calendar no that gift is NOT for you!!!  tee hee

Saturday, December 10, 2011

PINTEREST....oh how I love you ♥

If you have never visited the website pinterest you must.  It has given me so many amazing ideas for home, fashion and now especially gifts; handmade gifts for christmas.  One of my besties and I share a common love, and that is the love of coffee.  I find many great artwork with coffee on so many sites but this one I came across on pinterest expressed all that is us and the way we love design and art of coffee mugs, on canvas.

I first painted the canvas, turquoise is her favorite color so that was the basis for my piece.  I then handmade a coffee mug template, very simple to do I used my exact knife to cut it out.  I hand picked my favorite colors of scrapbook paper, traced and cut them all out and basically adhered them to the frame with modge podge and sealer.  I used Lindys' stamp gang sprays and stains to add a little extra to each one of the coffee cups to give it a shine and shimmer, it's really hard to see in the picture but up close it's so pretty.

I just gave it to her for her birthday/christmas gift and was so glad that she liked it.  I can't keep gifts for very long because I just love to give so I wanted to share this with you in hopes you visit pinterest and find your next project, I'm already on my way I cant''s addicting......but then so is the coffee!  ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First holiday sale

I made my first sale on my blog so I reposted this link for these great newspaper flowers I love to make.  They are accents for scrapbook pages, art projects, gift boxes and many other items.  I appreciate your business and sales!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season!    ~Kelly


Friday, November 18, 2011

Plans change...

1 John 3:16 NIV

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.
What would Jesus do?  Did he ever think of himself first?  Did he ever say oh I will rescue you from the depths of despair but not before I look for this really cool new shirt.  Did he say I will heal you from your illness but not before I get a good nap in?   No Jesus gave up everything about his life, in the midst of all people he was the true match to unselfishness.   Today I find myself on the brink of selfishness, teetering on wanting to do a good deed and be the bigger person and wanting to wallow in my sorrows.  My decision, give it to Jesus he knows what to do with it better than I do♥

Monday, November 7, 2011

Is he still in control if I am completely out of control?

Scenario #1 Threw money in garbage....luckily hubby found that.

Scenario #2 Threw daughter's christmas gift in the trash....still missing, a small but significant enough $30 gift. 

Scenario #3 This mom feels completely incompetent and out of control, just praying God soon takes the wheel...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where is your power source?

Power source
"I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need."
Philippians 4:13 NLT
I've been praying a lot lately for God to help guide me in my finances and today I got this God's daily promises email, just letting me know or giving me a reminder so to speak that he is in control.  He's in the drivers seat with the ignition turned on now all I have to do is ask him to drive.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday SNOW!!

My birthday was October 29th.  A normal typical day for a beautiful fall outing.........NOT QUITE.  I had a long birthday day planned and it turned out to be the very snowiest first birthday snow ever since the 1970's has it snowed on Oct 29th so I made a very snowy wet day turn into a funfilled girly day with lots of enjoyment.  First stop my favorite little cafe and to top it all off it was snowing outside the biggest and most beautiful flakes I have ever seen so we enjoyed it by catching snowflakes and eating them.  So childlike and yet so fun....I guess the little kid still does live in our hearts♥

Friday, October 28, 2011

A little girl still lives here

In the growing trend of *tweens* (I despise that word by the way) I wonder what ever happened to little girls being little girls until they are teenagers.   The choices of clothing, body products, makeup, even toys now are becoming questionable, t shirts with unnecessary sayings & pictures of the opposite sex in suggestive form all over them, it's ridiculous.   Today I had to take a photo in the spare room of the scene I saw when I walked in.  It reminded me that a little girl still lives here and that's just alright with me.  ♥

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It is the week of my birthday.  I will be 35 years old so I am going to do 35 random acts of kindness.  I do not need another material thing in my life or my home to clutter it.  I am going to do 35 things for others that show I want to celebrate my birth in a way that benefits others.  I love my life, although I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, I am more happy with the road I have been traveling for some time.  I feel content, fulfilled and blessed to have every person in my life who is still there after all these years and ones who are still in my heart from long ago.  I am sharing this with you in hopes not to gloat, but to show that one good deed begets another and another and another....My motto for the week is:  If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we would set the world in the right direction.♥  Here is my trip:

                                 KIND ACTS
#1:  Delivery special thanks package to postmaster

#2.  Left special care package in the mailbox for postal deliverer.  I think they do the most for us that become the most neglected.

 #3:  Deliver boxes and packaging for my cousins local business.  She uses these in her shipments and so she doesnt' have to purchase these products I get peanuts from local businesses and take to her so it's  a 2 for, we recycle and help cleanout.

#4.  Deliver formula I got from couponing to a local mother who is a stay at home mom, I was able to get all this formula for Free so it's going to a good home.  I was also able to donate boys clothing to her that I collected from a donation drop off that she would have clothing for her little one since he's growing.  It did a special place in my heart, she is a dear friend and her baby is just so darling so I'm so grateful to be able to help them!♥

#5 Got my cousin this free B you♥ onesie for her little bun in the oven and delivered that to her today along with a special little Burts bees package for baby pregnancy calendar.

More to come.........stay tuned.

#6 Made get well care package to/from fellow coworkers for a coworker who has been very sick lately.  Delivering it as well.

#7  Donating large box of books/magazines to local library.  They lost their funding this year and hold random sellathons to raise money for the maintaining of the program.

October 29, 2011 actual day of my birthday...went out to do raks with friends.

#8 We purchased baby items to take to local hospital and donate.

#9 Carts were returned to the store after people left them in parking lot.

#10  2 hope notes of encouragement were left for people to find.

#11 Purchased puzzles/games for waiting room at childrens hospital.

#12 Drinks were paid for the people in line behind at Starbucks.

35 is a lot to do and I think it's going to take more than a few days...Keep on keepin on.....


Sunday, October 23, 2011


All these items less than $50 couponing my savings for the day was over 75%.  Price matching at stores, using store coupons in addition to manufacturer coupons and stocking up my stock pile.  It's addicting and an amazing feeling to provide for my family in the way of couponing.  What a new blessing.

Thursday, October 13, 2011



Bayer aspirin $2.99 w/$1.00 off coupon and $2.00 reward made .01¢
Blistex $1.49 with $1.49 reward paid .00¢
Burt's bees throat drops $1.49 w/$1.49 reward paid .00¢
Cepacol lozenges $2.50 w/$2.50 reward paid .00¢
Preparation H wipes $3.00 w$3.00 reward paid .00¢
Revlon age defying makeup $9.99 buy one get one 50% off + (2) $5.00 off coupons paid $4.99 for both
Chloraseptic spray $3.99 w/.30¢ off coupon and $3.00 reward paid .69¢
Comtrex $3.99 w/$1.00 coupon and $3.00 reward made .01¢
Emergen-C Immune $3.49 w/$1.00 off coupon + $3.49 rebate offer will make $1.00 when reward is submitted
Zarbess all natural children cough syrup $5.99 w/$5.99 rebate offer will pay .00¢.

Today I had $8.99 of rewards to use my bill was $22.65 so I paid $13.66 and I will submit $9.48 worth of rebate offers so my total paid for all this stuff is $4.18. Great reward offers at Rite Aid right now and they still have plenty of merchandise since it's still a Thursday I was surprised how much was still left on the shelf.


Today's trip to pharmacy and grocery store  my bill was $1.47 for all this.  I had rewards to use towards this purchase as well as coupons and rebates for everything.  I also got a gallon of milk for FREE but I had to put that in the fridge.

I wouldn't normally buy that many cough drops but hubby and daughter were sick so I am stocking up

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I got these freebies in the mail today from I had 2 coupon codes and got all this fun girlie cleaning stuff and the 40's vintage style bag for free + free shipping . I'm not sure if it's still going on but last week they had a deal where if you signed up new you got a $10.00 voucher. It never hurts to try.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to October...thankful

I just took a picture of my daughter and I's pumpkin creations with $3.50 worth of pumpkins some old metallic paint,  a $1.00 indian corn and vase from an older birthday present,  the flowers in vase all $.35¢ from Michaels clearance sale last year 90% off and vintage wooden bowl from my mom and dad's wedding in 1974 and beautiful apples.  I look at this and relic in the domestic bliss God has me in today and I am ........THANKFUL!♥

I anticipated all fall colored pumpkins but when my daughter was picking paint she really wanted the blue metallic, my "own selfish desire" almost made me tell her no.  But then I stopped...and remembered she is an artist too, and so here we are with bright blue and I think the blue is just ♥PERFECT♥.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

♥My heart is missing you♥

Did you ever see something from your past that reminded you just at that moment how much you miss someone who has been gone from your life for quite some time.  

I was sitting here tonight writing down all of the books I was reminiscing about as a child and I came across one called the Yearling.  

It was a huge book and took me a long time to read but it was special because it was given to me by a great aunt I was very close to.  All of a sudden I feel the tears flowing like Niagara Falls in here, and your heart aches just to see them or talk to them one more time.  ♥Aunt Wanda♥ I miss you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little kids zoo ebay auction

This post is basically a new little kids album zoo fun!  I will have it up for sale on ebay at kellyjp29 for the next week and hopefully will get some more stuff listed as I clean out my scraproom and get ready for fun fall festivities and crafting.  I have waited a long time for this.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain, rain go away

I know the old saying rain, rain go away come again another day is a silly little rhyme probably meant for kids.  However with the recent flooding and abundance of rainfall in our area I cant' help but enjoy the rain even in the midst of pending flood warnings and watches in our area.  There is something about the rain that makes me feel it's God's way of cleansing us here on earth of our sinful natures and selfish desires that pollute the everyday streets of our society.  I cant' help but wonder if the recent fluctuation perhaps in our area is some indication of our increasing desires to feed our own needs rather than the needs of others, and to make known our works to the world instead of God's goodness first and foremost.  I wonder if he is cleansing the world along with our hearts?  I try to think that deep down I am a good person, and I want that close personal relationship with God but I know I am human, and I do sin and so for that today instead I think I'll say rain, rain why dont' you stay and cleanse all of my sin away!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baltimore Natural Health Expo/ IKEA

Traveled to Baltimore this weekend to the Natural Health Expo and found some great amazing new products and business with amazing products that are good for the body & soul.  I am just learning about all these things and am loving the experience, keeping an open mind sometimes is very hard especially when you have a stubbornness like me that I like to hold onto but I am enjoying this new journey in my life experiencing the good nourishing things this world has to offer, opposed to the things that weigh us down.  I for one need nothing more to weigh me down in my life and so starting with number one learning to take care of myself & my family is the most important.  I dont' know how, but I pray to have the energy to keep focused and determined to bring a little more organization to life.   It did help that we stopped at IKEA on the way home...:) 

All the fun little freebies we got to bring home and try!