Thursday, October 13, 2011



Bayer aspirin $2.99 w/$1.00 off coupon and $2.00 reward made .01¢
Blistex $1.49 with $1.49 reward paid .00¢
Burt's bees throat drops $1.49 w/$1.49 reward paid .00¢
Cepacol lozenges $2.50 w/$2.50 reward paid .00¢
Preparation H wipes $3.00 w$3.00 reward paid .00¢
Revlon age defying makeup $9.99 buy one get one 50% off + (2) $5.00 off coupons paid $4.99 for both
Chloraseptic spray $3.99 w/.30¢ off coupon and $3.00 reward paid .69¢
Comtrex $3.99 w/$1.00 coupon and $3.00 reward made .01¢
Emergen-C Immune $3.49 w/$1.00 off coupon + $3.49 rebate offer will make $1.00 when reward is submitted
Zarbess all natural children cough syrup $5.99 w/$5.99 rebate offer will pay .00¢.

Today I had $8.99 of rewards to use my bill was $22.65 so I paid $13.66 and I will submit $9.48 worth of rebate offers so my total paid for all this stuff is $4.18. Great reward offers at Rite Aid right now and they still have plenty of merchandise since it's still a Thursday I was surprised how much was still left on the shelf.

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