Friday, October 10, 2014

Crossing Monkey Bars

About 5 months ago my husband and I separated and it's been one of the most difficult experiences in my life; thus I left everything else go by the wayside. Recently I had a friend encourage me I should get back into crafting but my comment was my heart just isn't into it; which is the truth. I have been commissioned by someone local to do a memorial album for them for a family member as well as a heritage album for someone else so I have until Thanksgiving to finish one and till the end of the year to finish the other. 

I will be changing my youtube channel and my blog as well due to the fact that my husbands name was in the partially in the title of my identity; it's time I press on forward and see what else lies ahead...while making my own identity. So my first comment is that my new blog will be called ," JustAnArtsyMomma" and here is the link if you would like to subscribe . 2nd if you have been through your own crafty slump; what helped you get back into your crafting and setting the motivation started again in the right direction? 

Thanks for all your support and emails while I have been away you guys & gals are the very best

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