Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hawaiian luau summer party video

Every year we have a summer party to get my daughter and all her friends together because she has no siblings and it gets a little lonely for her here.  She has a few friends we spend more quantity time with but most of the friends from school we don't see all that often so I let her have a tea party one year, an american girl summer party another and this year it's a hawaiian luau.  I got a lot of idea from pinterest and am so excited to do some of these things to have fun with the great weather and craftiness we so love to obtain.  Here are the invitations first of all, handmade by me completely I had to create a template to make these but I think they turned out really well.


Becky said...

Those are simply precious and I must say you are a GREAT Mom to do this for her. I grew up as an only and Summer's could be oh so lonely on the Farm as I rarely saw other children.

~Kelly~ said...

It's tough seeing her grow up without a sibling, but it is what it is. I was 6 yrs older than my sister so we werent' close until now, and I hate the thought of my daughter growing up without that special sister in her life (or brother) it's not really controllable anyway. This is just one way to allow her to have special social time with others and enjoy just the simple things in life!