Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movie review.....Disney FROZEN & Elf on a shelf prank

This movie was a lot like what I thought Tangled was like.  It had the conflict:  Misunderstood downfalls and resolution:  find/search inner peace.  I think it was geared more towards the female persuasion, but yet there were quite a few boys in the theater when we were there so depends on your little boys preferences.  If they like Disney movies with girls the whole princess saved by prince type of movie then this is the movie for them, but if they are more tough & rugged, like the dark side of theater boys this is not really for them. Although there were a few fight scenes, pleasantly to me it had a more feminine softer touch to it, but I give it a thumbs up!  Excellent, will be buying this when it comes out on DVD.

In other stories our elf was at it again.  We did finally get our tree up but didnt' have time for ornaments and figured we'd wait till another night to do that. Lila the elf had other things in mind, her she is toilet papering our tree.  Great now what do we wipe with?  Ornaments?

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