Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Hoppy" Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone or should I say "Hoppy" Valentines.  We have another valentines under our belt and this means my daughter is a year older.  She is my valentines baby and we share lots of love around here during this wonderful holiday. 

This year she wanted to make her treats; being that it is her last year of elementary school she wanted to go out with a bang so we went to pinterest. These would be great for a boys or girls birthday party in a frog theme as well, they were super easy, a bit messy but fun for the whole family.  Molly even had her daddy putting eyes and tongues on the frogs.  Ewwww gross!  LOL!   Here is what we made:

Froggy valentines treats.   

You will need:
OREO cookies
Mini classic pretzels
Green candy wafers
Candy eyeballs
Red candy treats

Assemble by covering pretzel and oreo in green wafer candy melts.  Then layer 2 pretzels to 1 Oreo.  Add red candy tongue and eyeballs.  We used wax paper to let them dry, then moved them to their bags to distribute in her class. 

Hope you like them, let me know if you try them out.  Have a blessed day, ~Kelly

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