Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Fun Doilies SWAP...information below....

Hi everyone it's Kelly here and I am in the mood for a spring swap.  What better swap to do at this time than a beautiful paper doily swap.  I decided to open the swap for signups till the end of March I will list all the details below so if you are interested please feel free to sign up either here or over on my youtube channel and I will email you with details once everyone has their groups.  Last time I did a swap there were a few people who flaked out so I had to switch some partners around and it became a mess and so one rule; if you please want to sign up then I ask that you are able and willing to fulfill your duties as a swapper.  It's only fair and kind to give those who are entering the same respect in return.  So here are the rules:

  • 1.  Depending on how many sign up you will make, alter, or just send paper doilies.  If you want to just go buy some paper doilies and send those that is fine, if you want to glimmermist paper doilies and then send those that is also fine.  If you want to completely cut & alter your own paper doilies that is also fine but not too fancy I want to keep this very basic. 
  • 2. Signups will be open till March 31st.
  • 3.  Each person in the swap will send and receive 5 doilies per person, I know this sounds like a lot but I have that pack of 25 paper doilies so all I have to do is get 5 people to sign up and I can send each person 5 doilies and so forth.  Hopefully if more sign up then each person would receive 5 different types of doilies, but this is all depending on the amount that sign up and I will keep you updated in the coming week.
  • 4.  You must ship it to me by April 30th and also ship a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for me to mail them back to you or at least the cost of the shipping for return shipment.
  • 5.  I will email each person or personal message via youtube with your group details on or before April 5th.  
  • 6.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or message or comment to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  
Thanks and happy swapping!

Photo courtesy of Charlotte's fancy blog.

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