Thursday, March 1, 2012

My story of my affair...a short laugh

Oh the joys of being with my beautiful family, we have come to such contentment in our lives.  There is something out there to destroy us though, coming to separate us from each others love......Pinterest.  tee hee

The story of my affair:

Pinterest came out of nowhere, it was like a flash in the dark, taking my heart, my time, my joy and requiring so much love and attention.  My family is threatening to take me to court, they really are.  It's either them or you pinterest.  I'm afraid we're going to have to rely on joint custody, they have me one day and you have me every other day.  I know it's not what we wanted, we mean so much more to each other than that, but the truth is I love them (my family) and don't want to lose them.  I  know, I know part of my heart will always be with you, pinterest but we can't go on like this,  I have to end it.  I'll always remember you and the time we have shared.  You can make me feel a way no website ever could, you have changed my life forever and I could never, no never forget you.  These late night meetings, and sneaking a peek in between important meetings, it just cant' be anymore.  People notice, they comment and some even like it.  I couldn't believe it, but the time has come.  I will always love you pinterest, you were my soulmate.  

I hope you got a laugh out of this as much as I did seriously though, Pinterest is like a love affair stealing my time, sneaking a peak every chance I get, ugh hours lost on this crazy thing that I can never get back.  The only thing I am satisfied with is that it has made me more creative and more productive in my life so if there is one thing it has taught me is to be happy again!


kim.scrapper said...

Very funny and that is the whole reason I have never gone on to check it out, I have far too many crafting addictions already. Thanks for the smile!

Ashlee Schultz said...

LoL That is funny. I'm addicted to Pinterest but at least I know I am not alone :)

~Kelly~ said...

Thanks Kim, I thought I could resist too but it reared it's ugly head and now I'm you read addicted. Ashlee, hee hee yes it is good to know I"m not alone, any ideas for a support group! lol!