Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter....feeling with your heart today.

So I've seen posts after posts about the Resurrection today and because of some events this past week I felt God's sacrifice for me and his blessing one day as I was just sitting and thinking of the ridicule and mocking he suffered up until his death, and when everyone rejected him yet he still gave up his life for us.

Today in remembering God's sacrifice of his son and Jesus sacrifice of his life I am just really thankful in my heart.  There will never be any words that could comprehend, nor any actions that I might try to live up to that could ever pay him back for what he has done.  I won't even try, and that was the  message today in church that nothing we could ever do will ever even come close to matching up to what he did for us.  So, in saying that, what I want to say is that I am thankful for the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ, I am honored he would choose me to sacrifice his life for, Lord only knows the histories of my sin, and my heart is full of the blessings of the truth in his word.  I say to you, don't get caught up in the stories today without truly reflecting on the words and feeling it completely with your heart today.  He gave his heart to you and me, I'm so glad I gave mine to him.

It's moving day for Jesus.......!

Blessings my friends!  My ♥ is full!

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