Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just be still....

Be still and know that I am God.  I've been reflecting on those words so much lately.  When very heavy relationships get you down and all you want to do is work towards a common understanding, sometimes all you can do is set your boundaries, back off and wait....ugh tell a woman to wait on doing something is like trying to stop going to the bathroom during mid-pee.  BUT and HOWEVER.....I know that even when I am trying to be in the right spot or in the right frame of mind, if I do not stop everything....EVERYTHING...everything and just be still I will not hear God's voice.

I see people scrambling around trying to do good deeds, trying to fit constructive events in their lives and I see so many relying on self help books and self help groups, etymology and theologists works and striving to find their own inner peace but they won't stop spinning.  They feel like they are always doing the right thing or striving to do the right thing all the while even trying to do the right thing, they are always doing.  JUST STOP!

God says you will know me when you hear my voice,  be still and know,  (it's not find the best theological explanation and you will find God, it's BE STILL AND KNOW, that I am God.  

I have that peace this evening and it feels so good.    But I had to first be still....just be still.

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