Saturday, February 2, 2013

DIY easy Valentine's Day treats

Yes, we've done it.  We have jumped onto the trendy mustache train but so far the ride has been fun.  My daughter loves this new mustache craze and she wanted to incorporate it into her Valentine's Day treats this year for her friends.  We got the idea from pinterest and so we tweaked it a little and here is what we came up with.

Materials used were:  Peppermint sticks, black cardstock, white cardstock, ribbon and a computer/printer to type out the font.

1..We folded the black paper in half and cut out the image of a chubby little bird; fat at one end and a tiny little flip up tale on the other.  When you open it up, sure enough you have the image of a full blown mustache.
2. Next we adhered the mustache to the top of the peppermint stick and this will become your "costume-like" mustache face mask.
3.  Decided on our font, and typed/printed out the saying ," I mustache you a questions, will you be my Valentine?".
4.  Added bow to tag and adhered at the bottom so as not to be too disruptive to the actual mask above.
5.  Hand out, wear all day and have fun, silly!  LOL!  


Here is a video link to the mustache as well. 

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