Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What you can buy for 6¢? Say what? For just 6 pennies HURRY!

So today I was doing some stuff online and I noticed a couponing page on facebook that was advertising back to school sales.  Really?  I mean, really?  I think christmas sales are going to start next month too!  UGH!  Why cant' it be like the old days when you could actually buy school supplies right before school and not right after you get out of school, give me a break.  Buy anyhow, we are always ready for the Staples deals of the year for back to school and so yes we climb right up on that bandwagon and head out for the deals of the day....oh wait...no no it's the deal of the week.  

If you spend $5.00 Staples will allow one customer per purchase to buy 2 each of the following:

3x5 index cards
cap erasers (for pencils/pens)
8 pack of Bic pens

Heck yes, where can you get anything for 6¢  these days?  Nowhere, so it's worth it to us to head out and catch the deals before they are gone...while supplies last I should say that so you dont' wonder if you shop Saturday night why they are all gone?  

Okay folks sorry no picture today but surprisingly enough I loaded a video about this, yes I know I have no life, well actually I do but I like sales....and I know you do too!!  
Bye everyone, happy shopping!  ~Kelly

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